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Expanding opportunities for young
 men in North Texas
The OAR Success Foundation (formerly the Epsilon Pi Foundation) was founded in 2015 by the members of Epsilon Pi Boule of the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. The Foundation is a charitable organization (501(c)(3)) that has as its core purpose expanding opportunities for young men in North Texas. The OAR Success Foundation supports education and training activities that strengthen character, knowledge, perspective and values of the young men in our area.  We invest in programs that build up the individual, enhance career opportunities and advance educational achievement. Our signature program is the OARSmen Program.


To prepare and propel young men to compete in a globally competitive society through exposure, mentoring, and scholarship

To enhance the lives of young men through personal interaction, thereby enabling them to become leaders and mentors in their communities.


Five pillars guide investments and activities of the OAR Success Foundation


Through our funding and the efforts of the men of Epsilon Pi Boule, we are making a difference:


  • Sponsoring hands on mentoring programs for high school boys in Ft. Worth

  • Investing in STEM curriculum, Reasoning Minds, for middle school students

  • Supporting career day programs at YMLA High School

  • Supporting the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School’s efforts to recruit and retain medical students of color

The OAR Success Foundation is proud to partner with individuals and organizations that share our goal of helping our youth succeed in college, pursue meaningful careers, and give back to their communities. Together we can elevate and train these young men to be a part of the success story in life.

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